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The NLINK® ADC to SAP® Solution is an off-the-shelf product that seamlessly integrates Automated Data Collection (ADC) devices, such as barcode scanners, to SAP R/3, SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA systems.

The SAP Certified NLINK ADC to SAP Solution supports a wide variety of data collection devices and allows you to choose from a comprehensive list of pre-built SAP Barcoding transactions.

The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution provides freedom from being locked-in to predefined or pre-configured SAP barcoding transactions that can not be easily changed.


Connecting barcode scanning and data collection devices to your SAP system can be a slow, difficult and expensive prospect. How do you do this quickly, without adding project risk, without hiring expensive SAP consultants and without writing custom code or modifying your SAP system?

The SAP Barcoding problem lies in the complexity of connecting devices and systems to SAP, not because there’s anything inherently difficult about barcoding anymore.


For a clearly defined price, we deploy a SAP barcoding solution that provides real-time, bi-directional connectivity between your data collection devices and your SAP system.

The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution has been successfully connecting barcode scanners to SAP since 1998.

The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution value proposition is simple and compelling: No matter how you have your SAP system setup, delivering a SAP bar coding system that meets your unique business process needs will be no issue. If you know what SAP barcoding transactions you want, and are responsive to our questions, meeting your tight project timeline will be no issue. Our transparent, value-based pricing will clearly show you exactly what it will cost to give you exactly what you need.


The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution comes with a wide array of built-in functionality that’s simply not available with other approaches:

No Coding

The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution is a configuration-based system. Choose from a rich set of pre-built SAP bar coding transactions that can be extended, modified and managed without writing any custom code.


Absolutely nothing is installed into the SAP landscape and no additional SAP components or modules are needed to make it work.

No Apps

No need to install, manage or constantly update custom apps on your data collection hardware when a change is made to a SAP barcoding screen or when the underlying transaction business logic is changed. In fact, nothing is installed onto the barcode scanner – completely eliminating the need to maintain and manage the scanning devices.

User Profiles

User Profiles allow you to present your SAP barcoding users with specific menu options that provide access only to certain SAP barcoding screens and transactions necessary for their actual role or work assignment.

User Management

The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution supports a variety of sophisticated user management modes. Users logon to the barcode scanners using their domain user-id and password. The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution can then support connecting to SAP with a single centralized SAP user-id, or it can simply pass-through the user’s logon user-id directly to SAP, or it can fully support SAP’s Single Sign On (SSO) methods. It’s completely your choice.

Label Printing

The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution supports both simple (low volume) and sophisticated (high-volume, fault tolerant, enterprise wide) barcode label printing. Customized barcode labels, that source data from SAP, can be printed to designated networked barcode label printers directly from the gun if required.

The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution is a mission-critical addition to your existing enterprise infrastructure:

Store and Forward

Useful when SAP barcode transactions are critical and connectivity to the SAP system is not always reliable or for use with unmanned data collection equipment (e.g. raster scanners).

Transaction Scheduler

In addition to processing SAP barcoding transactions in an event driven manner (like when a bar code is scanned), transactions can also be batched or scheduled to be posted to the SAP system periodically.

Combo Transaction Support

Use SAP barcoding transactions that meet the need of the users. One logical data collection activity can be made to trigger multiple transactions in the SAP system.

Management Module

The NLINK ADC to SAP Solution comes with a built-in sophisticated management console, centralizing and greatly simplifying maintenance and administration for the IT department.


Click on the above PDF image to download the NLINK ADC to SAP Solution Data Sheet in PDF format.


There`s really only so much information you can absorb by reading about an enterprise software product like the NLINK ADC to SAP Solution. At some point you need to see the software in action and that`s what the NLINK ADC to SAP Solution Video Presentations are all about.


At Junot, success means providing our customers with world-class SAP integration solutions. Here are some real-world NLINK ADC to SAP Solution deployments which highlight how working with Junot Systems has benefited just one small cross-section of our customers.


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